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How to use and maintain the Dough sheeter

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Dough sheeter

For people in the north and south, pasta is a kind of delicacy. Many people will wonder whether the restaurant’s noodles are made by hand or by machines. The technological development of noodle pressing machines has appeared under our vision. Many families also buy such a noodle pressing machine, which makes our life easier to a certain extent. Today, I will introduce how to use the noodle pressing machine?

How to use the Dough sheeter?

1. Kneading the noodles: add warm water to the flour, add salt and alkali in the water; if you make egg noodles, you can add no or less water and mix them together in the basin. Cut the blended dough into slices, sprinkle some dry flour and set aside. Check the work surface first, remove the dirt on the surface, and add some lubricating oil to the sleeve and gear of the dough cutter.

2. Remove the noodle cutter first, adjust the conditioner at the two ends of the noodle roller, adjust the gap between the double-sided rollers to 2.5-3mm, pierce the plug into the socket of the 220V power supply, press the switch on the machine, and put the noodles in harmony. Add it to the noodle hopper, introduce it between the noodle rolls, repeat the rolling 4-5 times, finally adjust the noodle roll gap 1.5mm, and repress once.

3. Noodle cutting: install the noodle cutter, adjust the noodle cutter upper conditioner according to the needs, turn the conditioner clockwise to cut fine noodles, counterclockwise to cut coarse noodles, and finally replace the pressed noodles with the noodle bucket. After use, turn off the machine power switch, unplug the plug, and clean the machine body, knife and roller.

How to maintain the Dough sheeter?

1. The noodle pressing machine is for processing dough, noodles and dried noodles. Lubricating oil must be added to the dough press before leaving the factory. Therefore, you must check whether the oil holes of each part are unblocked before installing the test machine. You can start it after refueling. After starting the machine, it must be idling for about 10 minutes. Whether the gear engagement is reasonable. The surface can be pressed after adjustment. The chain on the sprocket should not be too tight or too loose, the chain tightness is generally about 3mm.

2. The quality of noodles depends on the quality of noodles and flour, so pay attention to adding water when mixing noodles. Generally, add water 28% in winter and 25% in summer. The noodle preparation time is generally about 10 minutes.

3. If there is uneven thickness on both sides of the dough sheet in the pressing surface, adjust the hand wheel on the upper and lower wall panels of the pressing roller to adjust to the same thickness. When the thickness meets the requirements, lock the fastening nut on the hand wheel.

4. Strictly prevent ironware and other harder magazines from being mixed into the flour to avoid damage to the parts.

5. It is found that the noodle stick sticks to the roller, which is caused by the loosening of the scraper, and the screw on the scraper should be tightened immediately to make the scraper and the noodle roll tightly combined.

6. Always keep clean and hygienic, the oil hole is unblocked, and refuel every shift. After get off work, you should immediately remove the remaining surface of the scraper and comb to prevent the remaining surface from drying out and damaging the parts.

7. When replacing the cut surface, it must be compressed. Add lubricating oil to the oil hole of the noodle cutter holder and add edible oil to the surface.

The above is how the editor uses the noodle press? How to maintain the Dough sheeter? Detailed introduction of two aspects. The appearance of the electric noodle press makes it more convenient for us to make pasta food, which is favored by many family businesses. We should also pay attention to the usual maintenance methods, so that we can make our noodle press more continuous.

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