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Dough Food Processing Machine
Dough Food Processing Machine
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Our company is the world's leading manufacturer of food processing equipment.

Food Solution

STABAKE will provide the custom-made solution according to the product you will make. please click the below food to have further information.
Food Solution
Stabake use the high quality food grade materials to ensure hygiene and durability. Whether you require a simple single equipment or high tech automated processing line, Stabake can provide you with the right machine and end-to-end solutions for program design, machine selection, installation, commissioning, and maintenance for the job.
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Our company provide latest technology, quality machine and best solutions of project. Click to learn more details of the project we have installed !
Automatic Potato Chips Production Line for Jordan Customer

This potato chips production line installed for you Jordan customer. The capacity is 200kg/h. In this project including the equipment: potato feeding conveyor- washing and peeling machine- pick line- cutting- bucket elevator- blanching- air drying - frying- seasoning machine.

Complete Chapati Making Machine for Serbia Customer

This is a complete line for chapati making for Serbia customer in 2020. they inquiry for the machine also make roti, tortilla, lavash bread etc. The molds they required 20cm, 25cm, 30cm. As consulting, we designing the production line from dough mixer- dough roller machine- chapati forming machine -

Automatic Tortilla Production Line for Libya Customer

This automatic tortilla making machine is installed for our Libya customer in July of 2023. Before inquiry us, the customer have their own tortilla making line, but they meet a main problem that the bread is easy torn produced by their machine. They inquiry us for a high quality machine and target t

Automatic Tortilla Making Machine in Russia

The Russia customer visit us and test the machine in our factory. After learning and training by our engineer, the Customer knowing our machine well. And the machine work well in his site and also they decide to representative of our machine and provide engineering and after-sales for our machine in

Automatic Mesh Belt Carrot Drying Machine in South Africa

This carrot drying machine is Multi-layer Belt Drying Machine, this machine using steam heating, it also can use the gas heating or other heating type you demand. Before delivery the machine, the customer visit us and test the machine in our factory.The drying machine not only used for drying of deh

Fully Automatic Tortilla Making Production Line for Morocco Customer

This is the complete full autoamtic tortilla production line from tortilla making to end packing. full line is automaticaly, one or two persons can handle it. this line is design for our Morocco customer, they require to make 30cm tortillas, the capacity about 1500-2000pcs/h.The tortilla line are de

Hemp Drying Machine for America Customer

This belt drying machine is installed in Kentucky, America, this machine using to drying hemp. The multi- layers belt drying machine for drying fresh hemp leaves and other like materials. The drying temperature set 60℃, and drying 4 hours more or less. The machine running speed and drying temperature also can be set according to production needs.

Banana chips production line in Columbia

This Banana chips production line installed for you Columbia customer. The capacity is 500kg/h. In this project including the equipment: banana slicing machine- frying machine- de-oiling machine - seasoning machine. And our technicians went the customer site for installed the line.Welcome contact us



Welcome worldwide partner and agent!
Looking for agent of Dough divider machine all over of the World

The MF50-2 dough divider machine is hot sell in the market. It is full ss304 stainless steel materials.double auger design and dough speed controller. Main part removable designing ,Small volum

banana processing line.JPG
Banana Processing Line shipped to Mexico

Banana Processing Line shipped to Mexico

Egypt Customer Visit for Flat bread making machine

The customer visited our factory to tested the PLC control tortilla flat bread making machine. He required for 30cm diameter bread, and capacity for 3000pcs/h. we recommend the machine output 3 pcs bread one time and we will research and produce the machine for making 30cm of 3 pcs one time for him.

dough divider rounder.jpg
16 sets of MP45-2 dough divider rounder delivery to Malaysia agent

Today the 16sets of MP45-2 dough divider rounder and 5 sets of MP50-2 dough cutting machine are ready to shipped to Malaysia agennt. The dough divider rounder used in bakery making, bread making, pizza making, pita bread making, tortilla making and many other pasta food processing field. the machine


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