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Konjac / Proang Processing Solution

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The konjac processing Instruction: 

There usually have 3-4 stages in the konjac processing:

① Raw konjac can be dried into konjac chips.

② konjac chips can be ground into konjac flour(remove the starch) .

③ Konjac flour can be purified into the glucomannan powder (also called Gum) by ethenol.

④ konjac flour can be made into the shirataki rice, noodle, snacks (Konjac Vegetarian, such as tripe and so on)

Konjac flour processing flow chart:

Porang konjac drying processing line

First stage: Peeling-Washing-Slicing-Drying
1. Konjac peeling machine

konjac peeling

3. Konjac washing machine

konjac washing

5. Konjac chips cutting machine

konjac chips cutting

6. Konjac chips drying machine

konjac chips drying

Second stage: Konjac Chips Crushing - Grinding
7. Konjac crushing and ultrafine grinder

Konjac chips crushing

8. Konjac flour milling machine

Konjac flour grinding

Third stage: Ethenol Purified glucomannan powder

Drying Purified


Wet Purified

Forth stage: Konjac Vegetarian food processing

Such as Tofu, Shirataki rice,wet noodle, snacks,tripe,jelly and so on

Konjac Vegetarian food

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