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IQF Frozen Vegetables Processing

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Frozen Vegetable Processing Line


Quick freezing processing suitable the vegetables: mung beans, sweet corn kernels, scallops, green beans, peas, strawberries, cherries, French fries, Western Orchids, meatballs, tomatoes, cowpeas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, edamame, corn, cassava, mango, yam, jujube, peach, orange, pea clips, etc.


The blanching and color protection is the most important step in the processing of quick-frozen vegetables. In order to ensure the fresh color of vegetables, we will blanch the vegetables to protect their color before quick freezing. The blanching time and temperature of different fruits and vegetables will have certain requirements. In order to ensure the blanching and color protection of a variety of products, we designed the equipment to automatically control the blanching temperature and blanching time. Ensures the blanching of a variety of fruits and vegetables. The heating methods of the blanching machine include steam heating and electric heating. Choose the heating method according to actual needs. The blanching machine is designed to work in a continuous manner, feeding in and discharging materials at the same time, and has high working efficiency. The size of the equipment is determined according to the processing output.

The function of the cooler is to transport the blanched fruits and vegetables to the cooling pool for rapid cooling. Quickly dissipate excess heat and effectively prevent excessive blanching caused by heat accumulation.

Porduction process: 

Quick-frozen vegetable production process: soaking and cleaning →cleaning→ cutting → blanching → primary cooling→secondary cooling→draining→air drying→quick freezing;

Required equipment: Soaking washing machine, vegetable washing machine (vegetable cleaning and peeling machine), vegetable cutting machine, blanching machine, cooling machine, draining, air drying line, quick freezing machine, packaging and weighing, refrigerated storage.

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