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Cleaning Vegetable Processing

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The clean vegetable production line solves the problems of vegetable picking, cutting, cleaning, sterilization and fresh-keeping in vegetable processing. The vegetable processing production line has experienced three periods of development.

First - Generation:  In the first period, the traditional multi-functional vegetable cutting machine was used, which was similar to the cutting style in the family, because the cutting knife used was not very sharp and the cutting surface was rough, which caused oxidation. easy to rot and so on. The first generation of clean vegetable processing production line uses traditional bubbling cleaning and brush cleaning. During the cleaning process, the surface of vegetable materials is easily damaged, and the cleaning of the equipment is extremely inconvenient, resulting in the growth of bacteria, which cannot guarantee the safety of food processing.

Second- Generation:  The second period of the clean vegetable processing line was produced in the year of 2011. adopt the vortex cleaning method. the equipment was greatly improved, and the actual operation process was obviously better than that of the first-generation product. However, the second-generation product was quickly replaced.

Third - Generation:  STABAKE clean vegetable processing production line uses European technology and German processing technology, adopts various forms of primary cutting technology, high-speed rotary cutter head and frequency conversion control cutting technology, horizontal mixed-flow spray cleaning technology, ozone sterilization technology and frequency conversion centrifugal dehydration, Fresh-keeping technologies such as modified atmosphere packaging have completely solved the problems of cutting, cleaning, sterilization and fresh-keeping in the processing of clean vegetables.

Mainly processing solutions :

1. Fresh-keeping vegetable clean processing line: multi-channel cleaning → sorting → cutting and peeling → cleaning → sterilizing → rinsing → draining;

2. Quick-frozen vegetable production line: soaking and cleaning→cleaning→cutting→blanching→primary cooling→secondary cooling→draining→air drying→quick freezing;

3. Drying vegetable production line: rinsing→sorting→cleaning→cutting→wind selection→blanching→cooling→centrifugal dehydration→stirring→drying;

4. Whole powder vegetable production line: rinsing→sorting→cleaning→cutting→blanching→cooling→centrifugal dehydration→drying→milling;

5. Salted vegetable pickle production line: cleaning → desalting → cutting → pressing → stirring → packaging → sterilization → cooling → air drying;

6. Secondary sterilization production line: This processing line is used as the secondary sterilization equipment for packaged vegetables and meat products, including sterilization-cooling-air drying.

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