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Automatic Frozen French Fries &Potato Chips Frying Line

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Frozen French Fries Production Line InstructionPOTATO CHIPS MACHINE

Frozen French fries production line is a specialized production line used to make frozen French fries. It mainly includes raw material selection, blanching, peeling, cutting, frying, cooling, freezing, packaging, and storage.
The raw materials for frozen French fries production line mainly is potatoes. The first step is to select high-quality raw materials and clean them. Then the raw materials are blanched and peeled. After that, the raw materials are cut into French fry shapes and then fried.
Frying is a key step in the production of frozen French fries. The temperature and time of frying are crucial factors that affect the quality of French fries. The fried French fries are then cooled down rapidly to room temperature in a cooling chamber.
After cooling, the French fries are placed in a freezing tunnel where they are frozen quickly to -18℃ or lower. This rapid freezing process helps to retain the texture and flavor of the French fries.
Finally, the frozen French fries are packed into bags or boxes for sale. The packaging materials should be impermeable to moisture and oxygen to ensure that the French fries remain fresh and crispy for a long time.
In conclusion, the frozen French fries production line is a highly automated and efficient production line that produces high-quality frozen French fries in large quantities.

Frozen French fries Production Process Analysis

Process Flow:

  • 1. Fresh Potato transport into Brush peeling machine for peeling and washing

  • 2. Peeled potatoes through picked line transport into cutting machine for cutting sliver

  • 3. Potato sticks convey into bubble washing machine to washing off starch

  • 4. Through 60-95 degree hot water blanching to protect potato sliver color

  • 5. Convey into Continous frying machine for frying the potato slivers

  • 6. After air cooling and convey into freezing machine for quick freezing

  • 7. Automatically pack potato strips into plastic bags

Flow Chart

flow chart

Frozen French fries/chips Processing

Prewashing feeding machine——Washing and peeling machine——Picking line——Cutting machine——lifting machine——Rinsing machine——Blanching line——Vibrating screen——Air-dryer dewatering line——Continuous Frying machine——Vibrating screen——Air-dryer deoiling machine——Quick-frozen machine(Seasoning mixing)——Automatic packing machine—Finished product—Cold storage.

Frozen French fries Production Main Machine

Potato Peeling Machine

Brush Roller peeling machine

capacity: 1-3ton per hour

potato Brush roller peeling machine

Steam peeling system

capacity: 3-12ton per hour

steam potato peeling machine

Potato chips cutting machine

Normal model

potato chips cutting machine(1)

Taiwan model

potato chips cutting machine(2)

Amercia model

potato chips cutting machine(3)

Potato Chips Frying Machine

Continuous frying machine

1. Electric heating 2. Built-in burner heating 3. External gas heating 4. Steam heating

Potato chips frying machine副本

Automatic Frying Machine

1. Electric heating 2. Built-in burner heating 3. External

Autoamtic frying machine副本

French Fries Quick Freezing Machine

Tunnel fluidization quick freezing machine 

IQF vegetable freezing machine


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