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Fluidized Quick-freezing Machine

The fluidized quick freezing machine can freeze the vegetables and fruits.etc food individually and quickly. With advanced technology, the blast freezer for vegetables and fruits can produce superior end products with sustainable use of energy.


The fluidized quick-freezing machine makes the product float on the stainless steel mesh belt through mechanical vibration and wind pressure, so as to realize the rapid freezing of the monomer and prevent adhesion. t is mainly suitable for the quick freezing of granular flake and block foods such as vegetables and fruits. The processing method of preserving vegetables by low-temperature quick-freezing After quick-freezing the pretreated vegetables at a temperature of-30 to -35°C or lower, they are packaged in plastic baps, boxes and other containers, or quick-frozen after packaging, and then Store in a freezer at a temperature of -18°C to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and the activity of enzymes, so that vegetables can be stored for a long time


1.Large amount of freezing Due to the use of the double turret helical structure, the characteristics of the spiral quick-freezer are brought into full play, so the double-helix structure is especially suitable for large-scale quick-frozen food enterprises.

2.The structure design is more suitable for modern production: the inlet and outlet of the single-screw quick-freezing device can only be divided into two forms: top in and bottom out or bottom in and top out,while the double-screw inlet and outlet are both below, and the direction of in and out. The choice of the machine is also more flexible, and it is easier to combine with other supporting equipment to realize modem assembly line production.

3.It is suitable for a wider range of frozen products and is more flexible. Since the structure design of the two spirals can be carried out separately, the pre-cooling process and equipment can be omitted for the quick-freezing production enterprises of cooked food, so that the pre-cooling and quick-freezing processes can be completed at one time. It is suitable for frozen lumpy food that takes a little longer.


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