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MP45-2 Dough Cutter Divider And Rounder Machine

Produce different weight of dough balls 30-150grams adjustable.
Widely used in stores and catering of bakery, grain food, bakery bread, pizza,pita, tortilla, chapati, cookies, donut, pasta making etc 
Application: pita bread, chapati. Roti, Pizza etc Material: Stainless steel materials Weight of dough ball: 30-150g Auger: SS304 Stainless Steel
  • MP45-2


  • 84381000.90

MP45-2 Dough divider rounder and dough ball maker machine

STABAKE dough divider rounder

Product Description:

MP45-2 Dough divider rounder is the new model of dough divider and rounder molding machine is produced with unique design, with the big hopper to input more dough in one time. save labour and time.
The dough by transmission, cutting, rounding method processed into ball shape dough pieces.
The produced dough piece shows good color, regular and sleek shape, and products tasted fragrant and sweet.
The MP45-2 Dough divider rounder of high transmission efficiency, compact structure, easy to adjust, security, reliable.
The machine can process both soft and hard dough. Widely  used in line of flour food processing, bread processing, pizza processing, cake processing.

Technical Parameter

Model MP45-2
Power 1.5KKW
Voltage 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ, or Customized
Capacity  280kg/h
Weight 140KGS
Dimension 560*620*980mm

MP45-2 dough divider rounder

Dough cutting Size and Ranges:

The MP45-2 dough divider rounder machine is easily to produce different weight of dough ball by changing molding and forming plate, specification as follows:

dough divider rounder

MP45-2 dough divider rounder

dough divider rounder

MP45-2 Dough Divider Rounder Machine Site Photos:

Dough divider and rounder

automatic dough divider rounder

automatic dough divider rounder

automatic dough divider rounder我们的优势


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