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Automatic Tortilla Production Line for Libya Customer

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This automatic tortilla making machine is installed for our Libya customer in July of 2023. Before inquiry us, the customer have their own tortilla making line, but they meet a main problem that the bread is easy torn produced by their machine. They inquiry us for a high quality machine and target to become a professional tortilla bread supplier in their site.

According to their request, we recommended our FBA-750 hydraulic tortilla machine with four dough nozzles and double dough nozzles, alternative to make 15-33cm tortillas adjustable. And also provide our professional recipe to resolve their problems. After half year, the customer again order the tortilla freezing chamber for tortilla cooling. STABAKE gained favor with the client. It's not only because the machine itself, but also experienced recipe and competent service.

Tortilla production process of this line:

tortilla making machine

Automatic tortilla wraps machine

Tortilla cooling (2)

Tortilla wraps cooling

freezing chamber

Tortilla wraps freezing

How it works:

We are more experienced in the machine working and different bread recipes, please contact us for more information of the automatic tortilla making machine.


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