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Dough divider features

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dough divider

The dough divider works smoothly, with low noise, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, food processing, bakeries and other units to divide dough and fillings into the ideal equipment. The automatic dough cutter and dough divider are affordable. It has the function of dividing the dough equally into small doughs, which can save you time, and the structure is rigorous and durable. The machine can process soft bread and hard dough. Widely used in flour food line processing, bread processing, pizza processing, cake processing.

For the degree of dough fermentation, the requirements for machine division and industrial division are also different. During machine operation, in order to reduce the damage caused by machine division to gluten, the dough is required to be softer, that is, softer dough is required. At the same time, the soft center ball is less toxic, which is good for the dough to flow naturally in the trough of the dividing machine. Before the dividing machine works, the chutes, dividing chambers, container mouths and other parts should be oiled to prevent the machine from discarding dough. But the oil should not be too much, so as to avoid too many voids in the internal organization of the finished bread. The lubricating oil of the dough divider is generally edible mineral oil.


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