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YQC Series Full SS304 Multifunctional Vegetable Cutting Machine for Commercial Chopping Machine

The YQC multi-purpose cutting machine produced by our factory is widely used in the cutting and processing of various roots, stems, leafy vegetables and kelp, soy products, etc. The machine can cut various root and stem vegetables into many shape: strips, slices, cubes, rhombus and waves by change different knives.
  • YQC2000


  • 84385000.00

YQC Series Full SS304 Multifunctional Vegetable Cutting Machine for Commercial Chopping Machine


This YQC1000 and YQC2000 commercial vegetable cutter machine is special manufactured of whole machine SUS304 stainless steel even the bolts and screws, ensure hygiene and durability, long-term working is non-rust, non-corrosive, non-toxic and harmless, and meets the requirements of food processing machinery hygiene standards, even for cutting pickled and preserved vegetables.

The vegetable cutter machine can cut and process various stem and leafy vegetables. The cutting thickness and the cutting length can be adjusted freely.  By change different knives can cut various shape: strips, slices, cubes, shreds, rhombus and waves. 


  • Full machine made of thicken SS304 stainless steel materials to make sure a strong machine.

  • Use dedicated PURE RUBBER food grade conveyor belt

  • The length and thickness adjusting use a button instead of a screw, easy and more accurately adjusting 

  • All Screw and bolt made of SS304 stainless steel materials. rust-proof and health of vegetable food.

  • Use GB four-core Cable.


Model  Power Capacity Weight Dimension  Cutting Size
YQC660A 0.75KW 150-660KG/H 95KG 900*460*740MM

Length: 1-25mm;

Cubes: 20*20mm(customized

YQC1000A 1.5KW 200-1000KG/H 170KG 1300*600*900MM

Length: 1-30mm;

Cubes: 20*20mm(customized)

YQC2000A 2.2KW 500-3000KG/H 200KG 1300*780*990MM

Cutting length: 1-30mm;

Cubes: 20*20mm(customized)

Remarks Cutting Shapes: Strips, slices, cubes, rhombus and waves. 

Vegetable Cutting Machine Cutting Blade Display

Vegetable machine Cutting blade


Application to all kinds of fruit and vegetables: cabbage, chives, leek, green onion, long beans, prickly pear, kelp, celery, garlic, yam, bamboo shoot, eggplant, banana, apple etc. Meeting the request of the kitchen; restaurant; school; hotel; and the food process factory.

Carrot Dicing

Dice Cutting

Carrot Slicing

Slice Cutting

Carrot shredding

Shreds Cutting

Apple Strips Cutting

Strips Cutting

Wave Cutting

Wave Cutting

Rhombic Cutting

Rhombic Cuting

Celery Segment Cutting

Segmention Cutting

Potato Chips Cutting

Potato Chips Cutting

Long Beans Cutting

Long Beans Cutting

Cabbage Cutting

Cabbage Cutting

Papper Rings Cutting

Pepper Rings Cutting

Tomato Chips Cutting

Tomato Chips Cutting



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