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Khakhra Cracker Corn Totilla Production Line

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Applications and Food

墨西哥夹饼 Taco 又叫 corn tortilla

Corn tortilla

印度薄脆饼干Khakhra cracker

Khakhra cracker

墨西哥薄饼又叫 Burritos wraps

Burritos wraps





墨西哥薄饼又叫Flour tortilla

Flour tortilla

Every Step of Production:

▇  Dough Mixing

Mixing the flour and water into dough

1. Two type stirrer (alternative) according to hard or soft dough;

2. Stop function when cover open and Urgent stop function.

Material: SS304 stainless steel for Mixing bowel and Stirrer; Stainless steel machine shell.

dough mixer

Dough Cutting

1.High precision divided, less error.

2.Cutting nozzle can be customized, 1 pc, 2 pcs, 3 pcs or 4 pcs.

FBA dough cutting

Hot Pressing System

1.Hydraulic pressure for well-formed;

2.Durable electric heating element;

3.Press time and temperature adjustable flexible.

FBA dough press

▇ Baking Oven

1.Up and down layer temperature controlled separately;

2.Durable electric heating element;

3.Safety and health high temperature conveyor belt;

4.Uniform baking temperature.

FBA oven

Cooling System

1.Three layers cooling belt;

2.Speed controller;

3.Fan included good cooling effect.

FBA cooler

Product Classification

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