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Complete Baozi Momo Making Machine

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Applications and Food

steamed stuffed momo Baozi

Every Step of Production

▇  Dough Mixing

Mixing the flour and water into dough

1. Two type stirrer (alternative) according to hard or soft dough;

2. Stop function when cover open and Urgent stop function;

Material: SS304 stainless steel for Mixing bowel and Stirrer; Stainless steel machine shell.

dough mixer

▇  Dough Rolling Machine

Rolling the dough to sheet

1.Belt anti-deviation device;

2.Press Roller quantity: 3 pcs.

Material: Stainless SS304 food grade Stainless steel Dough Roller.

dough rolling

▇  Baozi forming Machine

Baozi wrap thickness and filling weight can be adjustable.

momo machine

Dumpling instant freezer machine

1. An instant freezer locks the color, texture, flavor, and nutritional value of the preserved food quickly.

2. It inhibits microorganism growth and ensures food safety. Its quality and structure remain in better form.

instant freezer machine

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