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No matter what food you make, bakery, pasta or pastry, you first need to process the dough, and then process it into the food you want.
According to the cooking method of the food, we will match your processing technology.

FLAT PUFFY BREAD SOLUTION: Pizza, Pita bread (Arabic bread, Egyptian Bread, Turkey puffy Bread, Sharwarma Bread), Nana, Baiji Bun, Aminia Lavash etc.

Process Flow: Mixing process ─ Rolling process ─  Forming process ─ Proofing process ─ Baking process ─ Cooling process ─ Packing process.
Production Equipment: Dough mixer; dough roller machine; bread forming machine; dough proofer; Baking oven; Cooling machine; Packing machine;
Auxiliary Equipment:Lift conveyor, Pizza speader machine etc.

Flat Thin Bread Solution: Tortilla, Corn tortilla, Duck Pancake, Chapati (Roti), Papadam, Injera etc

Process Flow: Mixing process ─ Dividing process ─  Heat Press process ─ Baking process ─ Cooling process ─ Packing process.
Production Equipment: PLC tortilla making machine;Freezing chamber; Tortilla stacking machine; automatic packing machine
Auxiliary Equipment: Dough mixer machine, air compressor etc.

Filling Food Solution: Spring roll, curry samosa etc

Process Flow: Mixing process ─ Dough pressing ─ Forming process ─ Freezing process ─ Packing process.
Production Equipment:Dough mixing machine; spring roll wraps machine; spring roll folding machine; dumpling machine, Frying machine; Cooling machine; packing machine
Auxiliary Equipment:lift conveyor, working table etc.

Cookies processing solution: Biscuit,cookies, cakes etc

How to establish a bakery store: Toast, baguette, eeg Tart

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