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Which equipment needed when you establish a bakery store?

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Our company manufactures and sells bakery equipment, including ovens, blenders, bread forming machine, etc. Used to produce a wide variety of delicious baked goods such as toast, baguettes, croissants, cakes, biscuits and more.

▇  Dough Mixing

Planetary mixer

It can mix dough, stir meat filling and whisk eggs. Realize a machine multi-purpose.

Planetary mixer

Spiral dough mixer

1. Two type stirrer (alternative) according to hard or soft dough;

2. Stop function when cover open and Urgent stop function;

Material: SS304 stainless steel for Mixing bowel and Stirrer; Stainless steel machine shell.

dough mixer


Its main role is to provide a warm, moist and stable environment that promotes microbial activity in food, thus speeding up the fermentation process, often used to make toast bread, baguette bread, burger buns, yogurt, and so on.



Deck oven

The number of layers of the oven and the number of baking trays can be customized according to the customer's needs.

It is suitable for toast bread, baguette bread, bread, egg tart.etc

Deck oven

Rotary oven

1.Three different trays capacity for you to choose: 16 trays, 32 trays and 64trays;

2.High safety, good security. Set the safety alarm and over temperature protection device;

3.Hot air outlets design. One trolley in and out to save labor cost;

4.Three heating type: Gas heating, Diesel heating or electric heating.

Rotary oven

For toast bread

Dough divider machine

This dough divider quickly divides the dough evenly into 36 portions. Works with a variety of different types of yeast dough, including bread dough, tortilla dough, pizza dough, cookie dough, and more.

dough divider

Toast bread forming machine

It can make 50-600g toast bread.

Toast forming machine

Toast bread slicing machine

The thickness of the toast slices can be customized as customer’s demand, like 7mm, 10mm and 12mm.etc

Toast slicing machine

▇ For baguette:

Baguette forming machine

It can make 50-1200g baguette bread.

Baguette forming machine

▇ For burger bun:

Dough divider rounder machine

To divide dough into 30 pcs and each piece weight 30 to 100g.

Dough divider rounder

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