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Automatic Pizza Production Line

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Application and Foods

披萨底 pizza base (1)

Fresh Pizza Base

披萨 pizza

Baked Pizza

冷冻披萨 Frozen pizza (1)

Frozen Pizza

冷冻披萨 Frozen pizza (4)

Packed Pizza

Production Planing Proposal and Equipment Details: 


Production Processing:

Dough hopper- Dough Pressing- Proofing/ Rest Station- Pizza base Forming (flour spraying, punching, rotary cutting, dough scrap returning)- Tunnel Oven- Cooling Tower- Sauce Spreading- Toppings Spreading- Aligning system - Package machine

Every Step of Production :

Forming Cutting

rotary cutter

Rotary Cutting

Pizza Forming Machine

Stamp Cutting

Two kind cutters enable to produce pizzas in round, square, rectangular pizzas, and for the thick pizza is better to choose the stamp typical cutter to meet clients' request

▇  Pizza Forming Machine

The forming machine adopts the principle of multi rolls continuous rolling and forming at one-time, uniform in size and thickness. By matched different molds can making different size and grams pizza base. The machine speed is adjustable too.

Pizza Forming Machine

▇  Dough Proofing Room / Rest Station

Fermentation is one of the most important processing part of pizza production. STABAKE's Proofer room is equipped with humidification and heating function or without ( as a rest station). Proofer size is designed as per the proofing time request.

proofing machine

▇  Baking Oven

The baking time and temperature is adjustable on the control system. and the oven size is customized as per the capacity and baking time demand. 

baking oven

▇  Cooling Tower

Spiral cooling tower is customized based on cooling time requirement and with less space needed. The standard tower diameter is 3.5m.

Cooling Tower

Product Classification

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