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How to understand the safety of frying machine?

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What is the safety of frying machine? In response to this problem, many users who will purchase fryer and consumers are more concerned about issues. We all know that fried food is one of the more popular foods at present, such as KFC series potato chips, French fries, fried fish, etc. They are very popular, and adults to children like to eat very much. However, the safety of the frying machine has always been a concern for us. So what is the safety of frying machine and how should we understand it?

First of all, let me take you to understand the current advanced frying machine. When the temperature is lower than 95℃, it avoids the problem of waste oil generated by the high temperature of the previous vacuum frying. Due to the low temperature of vacuum frying, it is not advisable to use electricity as a heating method, and a large amount of waste oil will be generated due to high temperature, which is clearly stipulated in the industry standard of fruit and vegetable chips equipment. At the same time, large-capacity vertical frying machines have many disadvantages. Both degreasing and heating will cause serious problems, resulting in poor initial expansion of fruit and vegetable chips and excessive oil content. Large-capacity vertical frying machines are not yet industrialized mature.

Secondly, when we use the integrated design of frying machine, heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration, and filtration, the continuity is completed under vacuum, and the oil content of the product is low, and the product is in a negative pressure state. Food processing under oxygen conditions can reduce or even avoid the harm caused by oxidation.

Low-temperature oil frying machine dehydration technology is widely used in the food processing industry. As a new food processing technology, low-temperature vacuum frying machine dehydration technology has been included in the key promotion plan for the development of the food industry. The further development of low-temperature vacuum frying dehydration technology will surely promote the technological progress of our country’s existing food processing industry, promote the in-depth development of agricultural industrialization, and transform the rich agricultural product resources into product advantages through high technology, which will contribute to the food industry and high-yield, Efficient and high-quality agriculture has opened up a new path.

The above is an introduction to the safety of frying machine. Only when we are familiar with the safety principles, we can avoid unnecessary hazards in routine use.

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