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Automatic Donut Making Machine for Donut Fryer

double row automatic gas donut making machine Place of Origin:Shandong, China Voltage:220V/50-60Hz Power:6000W Dimension(L*W*H):1100*550*670mm Weight:43kg Application fields:Commercial catering, Bakery, Snack food factory Machinery Function:donut fryer Output product name:donut Method Heating:Electric
  • T-100


Automatic donut making machine 


1. Stainless steel, energy efficient heating appliances, automatic molding, automatic temperature control function, automatically turn the cake, using screw-type adjustable device, discharge port can be up and down arbitrarily according to the height of oil level. The hypertrophy of donut can also be adjusted by how much of the material.
2. There are two options of the discharged donut number, one or two one time. On the dashboard there are two switches, one is electrical discharge and the other is linked discharge switch.
3. This machine use precise orbit devices, import motor, which maintaining equipment vibration in the smallest value.
4. Large hopper design can hold 7L material. Simple operation and high efficiency.


Ingredients: medium flour (or high flour), milk, whipped cream, sugar, eggs, milk powder, yeast, baking powder, salt, butter. Decorative materials: chocolate, shredded coconut, powdered sugar, sugar, almond slices, pistachio, cream, Jam, nuts, etc.

1, 40 grams of milk warmed to 30 degrees, put the yeast to melt for 15 minutes, the above materials (except butter) into the bread machine, and finally add yeast water for 40 minutes, add softened butter, and then stir for 10 minutes to shut down. Basic fermentation to 2 times larger (about 1 hour). 

2. Warm the stove to 178 degrees and apply yellow cream or salad oil to the stove.

3. Pour the prepared raw materials into the squeeze bag for the cake, squeeze the dough into the groove of the lower layer of the template, and put the upper mold cover, set the time to 3-5 minutes (the specific time is set according to the effect made) ).

4. When the timer rings, uncover the upper mold, and 5 fragrant doughnuts are officially baked.

5, decoration: hot directly sprinkle with frosting, sugar or coconut. Or add chocolate or chocolate to it, then decorate the nuts on it.

Technical Parameter



 (Pcs per hour)

Power Heating mode Dimensions (mm) Weight Donut size (mm)
T105 450 3KW Electric heating


28kg 20-80mm


6KW Electric heating 1200*550*720 48kg 20-120mm

Main Features

1. stainless steel structure

2. automatic temperature control function

3. with high conductivity, fast heating

4. Fully automatic operation, more stable and energy-saving automatic forming

Fully automatic production (falling, frying, output)

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