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The rapid development of fried food processing machine technology makes fried food safer to eat

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Fried food is one of the traditional foods in our country, whether it is fried twists, fried spring rolls, and croquettes during the New Year's Day, or fried dough sticks, pancakes and noodle nests for breakfast every day, French fries in western fast food that children like to eat Fried bread, fried chicken wings, potato chips and fried biscuits in snacks are all fried foods. Fried foods are popular with many adults and children because of their crispy and delicious aroma, which can increase appetite.

The fried food processing machine can be heated by electricity, coal heating, gas heating and other methods. At present, the common frying machines on the market are mostly smokeless and full-featured frying equipment. This equipment adopts the most advanced international frying equipment. The selected oil-water mixed frying process has completely changed the structure of traditional frying equipment and fundamentally solved the drawbacks of traditional frying pans. It can fry a variety of foods at the same time without smelling each other. One machine has multiple functions. The method of heating from the middle of the oil layer is adopted to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers, effectively alleviating the oxidation degree of the fried oil, inhibiting the increase of acid medium, automatically filtering the residue during the frying process, and automatically controlling the temperature, thereby extending the service life of the fried oil.

In the scope of use of frying equipment, fried food processing machine are often used in the processing of peanuts, broad beans and other nuts, and have good results. Noodle products such as cat ears, rice noodles, shaqima, and twist can also be fried Frying and packaging are carried out by machine. Now the product classification can be said to be various. Fully automatic series of frying machines are gradually increasing in the Chinese food industry. After replacing the original stand-alone series of frying machines, a more comprehensive progress.

Although professional frying equipment and processing machines guarantee the color, taste and quality of fried foods to a certain extent, fried foods have always been regarded as "junk" foods. However, fried foods are still a "good heart" for many consumers. With the increasing demand for nutritional, healthy and safe foods and the rapid development of frying technology, vacuum frying machines have appeared on the market, which retain the nutrients and original flavors of fried foods to the greatest extent. At present, most of the banana chips, dried strawberries, crisp dates, dried okra, and shiitake mushroom chips that appear on the market use low-temperature vacuum frying technology, which can deep-fry food under low temperature and vacuum, effectively avoiding oil temperature. Excessively high production of harmful substances such as acrylamide also reduces the production of waste oil and ensures the purity of frying oil.

More importantly, the fried food processing machine adopts low-temperature vacuum frying technology, which can be quickly dehydrated and dried in a short period of time with low oil content, crispy but not greasy, and well retains the original color, Fragrance, taste, and a variety of nutrients, with the characteristics of less oil, low fat, and low heat. With the continuous improvement of food frying technology and the application of professional frying equipment, fried foods will be safer to eat.

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