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Keep clean and heat preservation function of frying machine

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The frying machine has the function of keeping clean and heat preservation. In order to keep the inside of the sodium clean and keep the heat preservation, the fryer lid should be careful not to have water on the package to prevent water drops from dripping into the pot and splashing and hurting people.


When making, the basket is immersed in oil, and when the large food is fried, it can be directly fried in the fryer.


When you need to pour the oil in the fryer pan, wait until the oil temperature has dropped to normal temperature. Take out the frying basket and guard plate, cut off the power supply of the fryer, and then take out the control box and place it in a dry and clean place. The oil pan can be raised for cleaning.


In summary, everyone should understand the cleanliness and heat preservation function of the fryer. The frying machine plays an important role. If you want to know more about the fryer, please contact us. We will use our excellent service. Answer your question.

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