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Fruit and vegetable drying machine operation process

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Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine

Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine have a pivotal position in the field of agricultural mechanization in my country. We can see them from small fruit and vegetable dryers to large grain dryers, greatly improving the efficiency of our agricultural production. Whether it is a small fruit and vegetable dryer or a large fruit and vegetable dryer, the operating principles are roughly the same, including the following four steps:

1. The first is to measure the initial moisture of the fruits and vegetables to be dried, divide the fruits and vegetables with similar initial moisture into a group, and then perform the drying operation according to the initial moisture of each group.

 2. It is necessary to set the upper and lower limits of the standard controller according to the standard operating procedures.

 3. Close the valve of the induced draft fan in time and open the induced draft fan. After the fans return to normal, slowly open the valve.

 4. After ensuring that the fans of the Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine are running smoothly, after starting the primary cleaning screen and the elevator, and opening the valves of the elevator's feeding hopper to the appropriate position, start to slowly add to the primary cleaning screen Wet fruits and vegetables, when there is grain in the grain return pipe of the fruit and vegetable dryer, we can stop feeding at this time.

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