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Features of Automatic Continuous Frying machine

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Features of Continuous Frying machine :

1. Adopting the circulating heating method of hot oil boiler, the frying oil heats up quickly and the oil temperature fluctuation is small. 2. In the frying process, the dynamic oil filtering system is used to remove waste residue at any time and keep the frying oil fresh, which fully solves the problem of the deterioration of the frying oil caused by the residue.

3. Optimized pot body structure reduces the amount of oil injection and high frying oil turnover rate.

4. The pot body and the conveyor can be separated freely, which is convenient for cleaning; vibration feeding, uniform feeding. 5. Various energy sources such as oil, gas, and coal can be used.

Features of Automatic frying machine:

1. It integrates the functions of frying, oil throwing and conveying, with compact structure and complete functions.

2. All the actions of the frying process are controlled by PLC, which runs automatically and has a high degree of automation. 

3. Adopt advanced temperature control system and reasonable stirring device to ensure the best frying effect of food.

4. Fuel (gas) burners provide heat, with fast heating, low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

5. With automatic and manual control options, the operation is more flexible.


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