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Tunnel oven is easy to operate and easy to master

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The tunnel oven product further guarantees the quality requirements of heat treatment, and the controller is to comply with the needs of the heat treatment process from time to time. Improve the product rejection rate, save energy and electricity, and also in order to improve the control accuracy during the heating, heat preservation, cooling process and the precise control of the carbon potential and the nitrogen potential, increase the human characteristic error, and meet the parameter requirements of the complex heat treatment process. Function target: temperature control range: 0-140℃;

Depth of permeable layer: 0. One mm temperature control accuracy: ±0. One% more than set the number of segments: 20 segments; temperature measurement accuracy: ±0. 2% The number of controlled furnaces: one to eight (zones). Carbon potential accuracy: ±0.05%. Advantages The equipment uses a microcomputer (a total of three series of single-chip microcomputer, single-board computer and system microcomputer) as the control host, and adopts optimized The PID control model, hardware, and software modular module structure have a multi-purpose device for the control process, that is, the temperature parameters on the process curve adopt real-time digital display and print records, and provide over-temperature, There are three types of alarms for broken couple and fusing of the furnace wire. The configuration is reasonable, the panel and keyboard are concise and clear, the tunnel oven furnace is easy to operate, easy to master, easy to maintain, and can be indirectly and the existing controllable range of the factory: Butfan factory The electric heating furnaces used in the heat treatment workshop (high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature; box furnaces with single temperature zone and multiple temperature zones; pit furnace and tunnel furnace) are slightly used.

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