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Purchase and maintenance of Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine

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Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine

Fresh fruits and vegetables have high moisture content and are prone to wilt and rot during harvesting, transportation, storage and sales, which will lead to lower product quality and directly affect economic benefits. In order to reduce the loss of fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable dryers came into being. At present, grain crop dryers on the market use hot air circulation to dehydrate by heating and drying. This type of fruit and vegetable dryer is widely welcomed because of its high drying capacity, fast drying speed, good color of the dried product, more heating forms, low investment, and simple operation. Instead, through the implementation of the national policy of benefiting farmers, especially after realizing local financial supplementation for fruit and vegetable dryers, the development momentum of fruit and vegetable dryers is even more rapid. It is very important to purchase and use the fruit and vegetable dryer correctly, and to carry out proper ground maintenance and maintenance to improve the quality of the fruit and vegetable and extend the dryer.

1.Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine Purchase

Because different materials have different requirements for the drying effect, you must be cautious when choosing a dryer. The price and model of the fruit and vegetable dryer are determined by various aspects such as material, effective drying area, performance and heat source form. Jagged. When choosing a fruit and vegetable dryer, attention should be paid to the structure and quality of the dryer.

2.Correct use of Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine

The correct use of the fruit and vegetable dryer can improve its drying efficiency while reducing its damage to itself.

3.Material selection, cleaning.

  Choose rich and fleshy fruits and vegetables. Before drying, you should strictly select the best to remove the inferior, and remove the pests, rot, overripe or underripe. Except for melon seeds and pulp, other types of fruits and vegetables can be washed clean with water, and then placed in a cool place to dry, but should not be exposed to the sun.

4.Cutting, blanching

When the cleaned fruits and vegetables are cut into slices, shreds, strips and other shapes according to requirements, the types of fruits and vegetables vary. The ones that are easy to boil are boiled in boiling water, and the ones that are not easy to boil are boiled in boiling water for a while. Leafy vegetables are best not blanched.

5.Cooling, draining

The pre-cooked fruits and vegetables should be cooled immediately (usually rinsed with cold water) to quickly drop to room temperature. After cooling, in order to shorten the drying time, a centrifuge can be used to shake water, or a simple technique can be used to drain.


Different drying temperature, drying time, drying moisture content and drying process should be selected according to different types of fruits and vegetables. During drying, the cold air passes through the heat exchanger and heats the air in the drying room through heat conduction, heat radiation and thermal convection. Under the action of the blower, all the hot air is dispersed in the drying room, and the hot air and materials are fully heat exchanged. , Under the action of the exhaust fan, the water vapor is discharged out of the drying room, and then reaches the purpose of drying.

7.Adjustment of Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine

During the use of theAdjustment of Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine,due to the wear of the chain, belt and bearing, the chain tension, belt tension and bearing clearance will all change, so it needs to be adjusted if necessary.

8.Chain adjustment

When adjusting the chain, pay attention to the phenomenon of chain climbing if the loose edge of the chain is too loose. Too tight will increase wear. When making adjustments, it is advisable to use your hand to press the loose edge chain. If you can't press it hard, it means it is too tight. On the contrary, if you can press it lightly with one hand, it means it is too loose and you must continue to adjust.

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