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Pita bread Machine Production line to Peru

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The Pita bread production line is installed in Peru. The customer want to make pita bread, tortilla, chapati. And also Pizza Base. The following is the pictures of the machine be ready to ship to Callao port in Peru. In their process is bread dough cutting machine, then process to Tunnel oven and last process for bread cooling. 

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The pita bread production line process: dough mixer- dough sheeter- bread forming machine- pita bread oven - cooler - packing machine.

The essential part is the bread forming machine and tunnel oven. For other machines, it can be choice as a option based on customer situation and budget.

The pita bread production line will make the pita bread, arabic bread, chapati, tortilla etc based on the ingredient and thickness of bread. At the same time, the tunnel oven need be customized made base on bread thickness you make.

If you are interested in the pita bread production line. Please consult with us for detailed solution and machines choose. 


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