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How to choose a dough sheeter?

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Dough sheeter

Dumplings, wontons, noodles and other foods have a long history, are convenient and nutritious, and can be used as staple food or as fast food. Because the demand for noodles, dumplings and wontons is large, there is a certain market demand for processed noodles and noodles, so how to choose a dough sheeter?

When choosing dough sheeter, what are the precautions for the noodle machine?

Usually if your army's pastry is processed, the dough sheeter needs to be prepared. When buying dough sheeter, don't just look at the appearance, let alone the cheap price. When choosing a product, try to choose a brand from a large manufacturer and a good reputation. Stabake Noodle Maker is a good choice. The appearance of the product is not only neat, but also has no unnecessary burrs. There is no obvious problem when the product is in operation. The product brand has a good reputation and high quality.

Choose Stabake Noodle Maker to see if its operation is a substitute and if cleaning is convenient. If the cleaning is not clean, it will easily affect the food hygiene. If the cleaning is too cumbersome, it will waste too much time. Stabake noodle machine and dough sheeter are simple to operate and easy to clean, which greatly reduces noise in this area. We know that the dough sheeter will make a sound more or less. If the sound is too loud, then the noise is absolute. The quality of the internal stirring rod of the dough sheeter is guaranteed, so the noise is within a controllable range.

What are the advantages of Stabake Noodle Maker?

Stabake noodle machine is also a dough sheeter. The production technology of this equipment is mature. The machine is formed by a combination of multiple sets of dough rollers. It automatically picks up the noodles and forms at one time. The production line has completed the automatic production goal of the assembly line. The equipment is driven by a reducer, the operation is very stable, and there is almost no noise.

Stabake noodle machine, the rotating part of the noodle machine is high-precision imported bearings, not only stable performance, flexible operation, and durable. Especially the guard plate part is made of stainless steel embossed panel, and the wooden part of the noodle bowl is decorated with stainless steel plate, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also safe and hygienic, bringing users a comfortable experience.

Stabake noodle machine, commonly known as dough sheeter, has the functions of automatic blanking, automatic continuous rolling, automatic cutting, automatic cross-section, and automatic loading during operation. The function is highly automated and efficient. The product is also equipped with square knives of various specifications , Various specifications of noodle knives, various specifications of onion noodle knives, can be used to produce round noodles, flat noodles, dumpling wrappers, wonton wrappers, willow leaf noodles and other products. It is also accompanied by a safety shield to ensure the safety of product production.

The pasta produced by the Stabake noodle machine has good taste, firmness and smooth surface. Become the best equipment choice for large-scale production of pasta.

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