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How frying machine equipment handles fried food

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Generally fried foods are processed and formed by frying machine equipment. The use of frying machine equipment is very simple. As long as the method is correct, delicious fried foods can be made. There is no need to worry about the safety of processed fried foods, what is the working process and working principle of the fryer?

Generally speaking, fried food has the characteristics of long storage time, rich flavor, golden color and appearance, and the processing technology of fried food is simple, so fried food has always been the main food type. The frying machine equipment is used to fry food. What is the way to fry food?

1. Crispy fried. Take out the raw materials with skins, usually whole chickens, ducks, etc., first slightly scald them with boiling water to make the skins shrink and tighten. Spread the caramel sugar on the surface, blow dry, put it in the hot oil pan, keep turning it, put the hot oil into the abdomen, and when the whole body is fried to light yellow, put the oil in the pan and let the raw materials Deep-fried and deep-fried in the oil before serving, take it out when the oil temperature rises.

2. Dry fried. After the raw materials are mixed with seasonings, remove the water, mix in the dried dough powder, and fry the coke. It can make the raw material crispy and brown in color.

3. Soft fried. Use small-shaped pieces, slices, rectangular strips and other materials to paste, and then boil 60% of the oil in the pot and put it in the pot. Fry it until the surface becomes hard and take it out when it is ripe.

4. Clean up fried. The raw materials are mixed with soy sauce, salt, and wine, and the fryer is used to fry them thoroughly. Generally, it is not battered, and it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

5. Deep fried. Steam and cook the ingredients, put egg whites on the outside, make a dough paste, and fry them until the outer layer is deep yellow and crispy. The characteristic of deep-fried is that the outside is rotten inside and the crispy is abnormal.

6. The paper bag is fried. Paper-packed frying is mostly made of fresh, boneless net materials, processed into slices or diced shapes. After mixing with egg whites and adding ingredients and condiments, wrap them in glutinous rice paper or cellophane, and use oil to fry them. The characteristic of the method is that it can maintain the original juice and make the raw materials particularly fresh and tender.

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