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Cleaning method of automatic continuous fryer and precautions for use

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The automatic continuous fryer is very convenient to use, but after a long time of use, there will inevitably be a lot of dirt. In this case, it should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning method of the continuous fryer is What is it? Many people probably don't know it well, so let me give you a brief introduction.

Using reasonable methods to clean the automatic continuous fryer can prolong the service life of the frying machine. First of all, you can add a pot of alkaline water with hot water first, in this case, to better remove the oil stains. After use, you can pull out the plug, wait for the pot to cool down, and then start cleaning. When cleaning, you can use a soft cloth and a neutral detergent to wipe. Do not use metal or corrosive solvents for cleaning to avoid damage Non-stick coating and damage to the surface of the pot body. The electric heating tube in the pot can be cleaned with a cloth or a brush. If it is not used for a long time, keep it clean and store it after drying.

In life, oil is a kind of daily necessities that must be used. If you can obtain more capabilities while producing oil, this will also increase the cost and profit channels. The continuous fryer is very helpful for achieving this purpose. If you want to use the continuous fryer for a long time, there are many precautions in addition to regular cleaning to avoid the impact of residual food on the equipment. Different equipment has different heating methods. In order to better protect the automatic continuous fryer, the choice of shell material must be selected according to different usage conditions, so that it can better protect Good equipment will have a longer service life.


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