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What should you pay attention to when using a Meat cutting machine

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Meat cutting machine

The kitchen Meat cutting machine is a product designed based on the traditional guillotine for the hard work of cutting bones in modern life kitchen life. It is mainly designed for the trouble of cutting bones with household knives, easy to damage the blade, and low efficiency. of. The main products are produced for the hard-to-cut food in the kitchen, subdivided, chicken, duck, ribs, leg bones and other difficult-to-cut objects. This product is safe and simple to use and easy to clean. This product is mainly composed of two parts of a plastic with a groove in the middle. One hand puts the food to be cut on the flat surface of the small guillotine, and the other hand holds the handle of the knife and presses it down. The food is cut by the small guillotine in the kitchen. Place fixed parts to prevent bones and other food from sliding back and forth.

       Pay attention to the following when using the  Meat cutting machine:

       1. Don't put your hands in the guillotine to prevent accidental injury

       2. Make a small guillotine and place it flat on the kitchen table or other position to prevent injury caused by tilting

       3. After use, you only need to clean it with flowing water, which is simple and convenient.

      Everyone eats and every family cuts food. However, I often encounter frozen foods such as ice meat and ice fish. When cutting chickens, ducks, fish and other large-bone fish during the Chinese New Year, it is too strong with a kitchen knife and is easily damaged. Blade. Using a machete or axe to chop and cut, the opponent is very insecure, and the noise is very loud, especially the sound transmission of urban buildings is very uncivilized. It adopts the kitchen tie-cutting machine produced by Shenzhen Taimin Machinery Co., Ltd., which is safe, light, no noise, neat cutting, suitable for every family.

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