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The role of ozone in fruit and vegetable washing machine

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The fruit and vegetable washing machine uses ozone to clean and sterilize fruits and vegetables to clean the fruits and vegetables. Ozone plays an important role in this washing machine. The role of ozone is reflected in the following points:

   1. Separation of heavy metal ions: The oxygen atoms in ozone can oxidize the heavy metal ions dissolved in water into non-toxic, non-toxic high-priced compounds, which are separated out by precipitation and help the fruit and vegetable washing machine clean the vegetables.

   2. Decompose pesticides and hormones: Ozone has extremely strong oxidizing properties, and can rapidly oxidize the molecular chains of pesticides and hormones, so that pesticides and hormones become stable inorganic compounds.

   3. Sterilization and disinfection: The single atom in ozone has strong permeability, quickly oxidizes the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, and generates inorganic compounds, which can serve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection.

   4. Preservation and deodorization: Vegetables washed with ozone water or vegetables blown with ozone gas can extend the preservation period by 2-3 times.

   Generally speaking, during the use of the fruit and vegetable washing machine, the generator generates ozone to form ozone water. The ozone water uses these functions to degrade pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables, decompose toxins, disinfection and sterilization, so as to clean the vegetables.

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