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How to maintain vegetable dicer machine?

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vegetable dicer machine

Maintenance of vegetable dicer machine:

1. The machine must be cleaned after each use, especially the place and passage through which the material passes, to keep the dicing machine clean.

2. After each use, carefully check whether all the cutting knives of the dicing machine are damaged or blunt, and check whether the comb blades are normal or damaged. Disassemble the disc wire cutting combined tool and the horizontal cutting combined tool once a week (when disassembling Be careful, use special tools to avoid hurting your hands), and carry out proper cleaning. When the dicing machine is reassembled, the dicing machine must be maintained with non-toxic and odorless food oil, and the cutting shaft and cutting must be performed before installation Apply food oil to the shaft to ensure easy disassembly.

3. Oil the gears and chains every two weeks.

4. Grinding of various knives of dicing machine.

The vegetable dicer machine can cut strips of spherical fruits, such as radishes, potatoes, taro, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, etc., especially soft and juicy fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya, apple, strawberry, Bamboo shoots, ham, etc., quickly diced or sliced, the thickness and size are adjustable, the feed inlet has a micro switch, the operation is safe, the dicing speed is fast, a machine is equivalent to the workload of dozens of people, and the output is large. Simple and easy to clean. The vegetable dicing machine is suitable for food processing plants, catering industry and dining halls.


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