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Fruit and vegetable washing machine is the umbrella of safe diet

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In the structure of dietary nutrition, fruits, vegetables and fruits are the food that our body must take, which is conducive to metabolism and so on. But have these fruits and vegetables that we send to the mouth been thoroughly washed? How to make sure that what we eat can be the culprit. The safety of fruits, vegetables and other foods cannot be ignored by us. Usually, the way we wash fruits and vegetables is too simple for cleaning. The most thing that can be washed is the dust on the surface. Although the pesticide residue can not be seen by the naked eye, it still has a strong sense of existence.

Once the human body ingests too many chemical additives, it is easy to cause painstaking efforts With the increase of cancer risk, more and more consumers are paying more attention to this problem. Therefore, the fruit and vegetable washing machine has become an essential household appliance for many families, and it is also a supporting equipment for many food industries.

The secret of fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is to make full use of ozone sterilization effect. The oxidation of ozone plays a great role in disinfection, which can stabilize pesticides. The cations in it can separate toxic heavy metal ions from water quality. In addition, ozone can eliminate peculiar smell. Fruits cleaned by ozone can be stored for a longer time.

The fruit and vegetable cleaning machine can ensure to clean the agricultural residues and keep the original state for various shapes of fruits and vegetables, such as apple, potato, carrot, pumpkin, taro and so on. It is difficult to wash any shape of food without topping over the vegetable cleaning machine. The leaf shape or particle shape is still with roots. Even the dirty fruits and vegetables buried in the deep soil can be cleaned, which is suitable for cleaning all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

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