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Why are there many vegetable washing machines with ozone sterilization function

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The role of ozone:

1. Decompose pesticides, hormones and toxins: Ozone has extremely strong oxidizing properties, and rapidly oxidizes the molecular chains of pesticides and hormones, turning pesticides and hormones into stable inorganic compounds; sterilization and disinfection: single atoms in ozone have strong permeability , Rapidly oxidize the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, and generate inorganic compounds, which serve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection;

2. Separation of heavy metal ions: the oxygen atoms in ozone can oxidize the heavy metal ions dissolved in water into non-toxic high-valent compounds insoluble in water, and precipitate out;

3. Fresh-keeping and deodorizing functions: Vegetables washed with ozone water or vegetables blown with ozone gas can extend the fresh-keeping period by 2-3 times. Ozone gas can remove unpleasant smells in the bathroom and remove fishy smell in the kitchen , Rice musty smell.

Product advantages:

In today's era of extensive use of pesticides, various chemical preservatives and preservatives, and various growth hormones, each family was completely in a state of resistance before this, and could only be passively accepted. In the process of chemical poisoning, such as various cancers and cardiovascular diseases are related to the long-term intake of excessive pesticides and various chemical drugs. Now with the fruit and vegetable washing machine, each family that owns her can have a kind of Advanced protection means, you can eat a lot of pesticides and various chemicals in this life, you can get a lot of diseases, only the health of life is invaluable.

Benefits with ozone generator:

Scientific research has found that ozone (o3) has a very strong oxidative decomposition ability, can play a role in degrading pesticide decomposition hormones, and efficient sterilization. The active oxygen machine developed using ozone technology is an electronic ozone generator that generates ozone from ozone. The pump is sent to the washing machine through the ozone pipe for washing.


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