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What is the use of vegetable dicer machine

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vegetable dicer machine

  To buy a multifunctional vegetable dicer machine, you must first be familiar with the purpose of the multifunctional vegetable dicer machine?


1. Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine is used for slicing hard vegetables (radish, potatoes, fruits, tubers), the thickness can be adjusted freely within 1-10 mm


2. The multi-function vegetable cutting machine should pay attention to when the diameter of the vegetable to be cut is relatively thick (greater than 30 mm), the output effect is good, and it is convenient to dice. The small diameter slices or dices will be messy. The processed surface of the cut vegetables is smooth, regular and well organized, maintaining the effect of manual cutting.


3. The reciprocating vertical knife cuts the vegetable slices or soft vegetables (leeks, celery) made by the knife into straight shreds or segments, curved shreds, square dices (or shaped knives), and the conveyor belt can freely adjust the distance of 1-20 mm each time. The adjusted amount is the width of the wire segment.


Multifunctional vegetable dicer machine is suitable for various shapes of roots, stems, leafy vegetables, such as slicing, shredding, dicing, rhombus, and curve. Among them, the intelligent multifunctional vegetable cutting machine only needs to input the specifications of the cut vegetables and the speed of the barrel on the control panel to automatically cut the size you need.

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