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What is the processing process of the meatball processing equipment?

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Meatball machine

What equipment is needed for meatball machine processing in the production process?

1. Frozen meat raw materials. Meat planer-meat grinder-chopper-beater-meatball forming machine-meatball forming cooking cooling line-rapid freezing

2. Fresh meat raw materials. Meat grinder shredder beater meatball forming machine meatball forming cooking cooling line quick freezing

The above is the equipment processing flow of the meatball machine processing plant. Companies that have just started making meatballs can choose to purchase equipment according to the different needs of the factory. Jinan Stabake Machine . will introduce you to the simple principles of various equipment.

1. Meat planing machine: also known as frozen meat slicer, this equipment can cut the frozen meat plate into meat slices of different thickness without thawing, which is convenient for the next processing operation.

2. Meat grinder: This kind of equipment is very simple, it is to grind the meat into diced meat of different sizes. The quality of the meat grinder is the output rate of the pellets.

3. Shredder: Cut meat products into mashed potatoes or minced meat. The cutting speed must be fast and strong, so as to maintain the freshness of the meat during the cutting process.

4. Beater: increase the elasticity of meatballs and increase the roundness of meatballs.

5. Meatball forming machine: a machine that automatically pours meatballs into the machine.

6. Meatball forming, cooking and cooling assembly line: The assembly line runs in three operation boxes: forming, cooking and cooling, forming and cooking are heated by the steam pipe, the heating temperature is controlled and adjusted by the temperature controller, and the meatballs enter the first During the forming process, the can is heated and formed. After the meatballs are formed, they enter the cooking box through the conveyor mesh belt for cooking. After the above processing is completed, the meatballs enter the cooling box through the mesh belt for cooling.

7. Quick freezing: After 1-6 procedures, the meatballs are processed and entered into the quick freezing machine or quick freezing warehouse for quick freezing. After the quick freezing is complete, it can be packaged.

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