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What are the safety protection functions of the fruit andVegetable Peeling machine have?

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Fruit and Vegetable peeling Machine

Fruit and vegetable peeling machine refers to the use of a machine to imitate the peeling action of human hands, remove the peel of the fruit, and then process and eat multiple times to improve the quality. The base, gland and barrel are packaged in 304 stainless steel and stainless steel plate, which meets the national food hygiene requirements, with low noise, high efficiency and easy maintenance. 

The improved equipment has a higher degree of automation:

1. The working pressure of the equipment can be set, and the time can be set freely: including the total time of a single tare peeling and similar settings for the replacement frequency of short distance tare peeling.

2. Manual and automatic conversion: The manual mode is generally used first, and it switches to automatic when it goes down to a certain position. After the automatic tare time is completed, the pressure plate automatically resets.

3. The shaftless screw is adopted, the contact surface with the material is small, and the friction is low, which can improve the peeling efficiency of the fruit and vegetable peeling machine. And no insertion, no winding phenomenon;

4. The equipment is made of stainless steel, with high strength, good corrosion resistance and continuous length;

5. The drive device adopts the shaft-mounted direct drive mode, which is reasonable and reliable in operation and saves expected;

6. The outlet is equipped with a spring baffle to increase the extrusion force and increase the dehydration rate;

7. Except for the inlet and outlet, the rest adopt a sealed structure, and the environment is clean and sanitary

To ensure food quality and protect personal safety, the following points can be considered:

(1) Equipment used in flammable and explosive environments should adopt explosion-proof electrical appliances, and be equipped with safety alarm devices and safety insurance devices.

(2) Some also consider protection under extraordinary circumstances, such as "emergency braking" for high-speed equipment, "safety valve" for high-pressure equipment, etc.;

(3) The protection functions in the equipment, such as non-bottle stop filling, automatic discarding, jammed parking, foreign body removal, etc., use instruments, meters, and computer technology to realize early warning, display, and processing in equipment operation instead of manual and reliable Experienced operation can reduce waste and improve the automatic operation and automatic protection function of the fruit and vegetable peeling machine .

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