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What are the principles of the new vegetable cutter equipment

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    The slicer function of the vegetable cutter For the blade with a rotating cutter, the cutter not only has a cutting function for the material, but also by designing a certain blade curve, the vegetable cutter also has a cutting function when the material is fed straight, so it has a manual The role of slicing.


   The vegetable cutter device reciprocates the cutter linearly, the cutting edge of the blade is straight, and the cutter is simple. However, the cutting tool has a large squeezing force on the material, a great damage to the material, a large amount of water loss, and poor slice quality. Compared with the mechanism that realizes the movement of the cutter, the mechanism that realizes the rotary movement of the cutter is simpler, the transmission is stable, the transmission element is not easy to wear, and the service life is long. In order to realize the linear reciprocating motion of the cutter of the vegetable cutter, the crank connecting rod slider mechanism or cam must be used. Relatively speaking, the mechanism is relatively complicated, with large impact and large vibration, the transmission elements are easy to wear, and the life of the machine is low.

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