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What are the characteristics of the products produced by the potato chip production line?

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potato chip production line

Potato chip production line elevator: lift materials into the peeling machine, washing and peeling machine: the potatoes are cleaned and peeled after they come in, while feeding and discharging, continuous, picking line: pick the washed and peeled potatoes, if there are bad picks come out. Lifter: Lift the cleaned and peeled potatoes into the slicer.

Potato Chips and Fries Machine: Continuously add peeled and clean potatoes to the feed inlet, and the fries produced by the potato chip production line will be automatically cut out. Rinsing line: Wash the cut potato chips and fries, wash the starch, rinse and scald Line: blanching and fixing the color of potato chips and fries, adding additives, air-cooled dehydrator: drying the water on the surface of the blanched potato chips and fries, drying and frying, frying line: fried potato chips and fries. In general, we will use a variety of operating conditions according to the use of potato chip production line, working environment, technical performance and types of materials to be transported. In addition to the general belt conveyor, there are also many new types The structure of special belt conveyors mainly include: large inclination belt machine, deep groove belt machine and belt pressing machine, coaxial belt type, air cushion belt type, flat turning belt type, linear friction type, Conveyor belt conveyors with corrugated sidewalls, etc., for refinement, there can be multiple classification methods.

De-oiling line of potato chip production line: remove the oil on the surface of fried potato chips and fries, seasoning line: seasoning fried potato chips and fries, air-cooled picking line: blowing potato chips and fries Products produced by automatic lines should have a sufficiently large output; product design and technology should be advanced, stable, and reliable, and remain basically unchanged. The use of automatic lines in mass production can increase labor productivity, stabilize and improve Product quality, improve working conditions, reduce production costs, reduce production costs, change production cycles, ensure production balance, and have significant economic benefits.


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