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The working principle and application characteristics of French fries machine

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This machine is suitable for slicing or slicing hard potato dishes. It is an ideal processing equipment for the production of fresh vegetables and dehydrated vegetables in the vegetable processing industry. It is also an ideal machine for processing french fries in the fast food industry.

Fries machine Features

The machine adopts the material guide groove on the rotary dial to feed; the obliquely distributed small knives and the arc-shaped oblique blade large knives are used for cutting. It has the characteristics of good cutting quality, high vegetable cutting efficiency, convenient operation and low energy consumption. All parts in contact with vegetables are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food processing machinery hygiene standards.


It is mainly composed of frame, shell, dial, cutter, transmission part, discharge cover, etc.

Working principle

When working, the potato material is put into the hopper, and the material is rotated by the inverted trough on the rotating dial to rotate the material along the wall of the housing. The cutter installed on the wall of the housing cuts the vegetables into strips. The hood comes out.

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