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The plus of bread forming machines

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bread forming machine

The plus of bread forming machines

The DBJ series pita bread machine is specially designed for pita bread and similar products. The pita bread machine adopts the principle of multi-roller one-time continuous rolling forming, with uniform size and thickness. The molding speed and product thickness can be adjusted. Suitable for different molds for different products such as Roti, Tortilla, Pancake, Pita, Arabic Bread, Naan, Shawarma Pocket, Paratha, Empanada Wrapping Paper, Wonton Wrapping Paper, Pizza Base. They are also equipped with innovative controls that allow you to adjust the thickness, shape and number of packages as needed. Another important advantage is reduced maintenance: you can simply clean and disinfect the machine and continue to take any special maintenance precautions that are unnecessary over time.

About productivity, these machines allow you to reduce the processing time of the dough and to have a homogeneous and aesthetically perfect final product.

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