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The installation and maintenance of large vegetable slicing machines cannot be underestimated

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vegetable slicing machine

   We can use a large vegetable slicing machine to cut a lot of vegetables, which can greatly reduce manpower and reduce production costs. But if we want to get a good application effect, we must pay attention to these problems when we install it.

   1. The device must be used in a commercial power supply environment. This is very important because it has a large power. If the power supply voltage is short, it will easily cause overload problems.

2. There is also a need for a normal water supply and discharge pipeline. Because the equipment will accumulate a lot of juice when cutting vegetables, it needs to be rinsed and the working environment is hygienic.

3. The vegetable cutter must be used in a wide environment, and a lot of juice will be produced when cutting vegetables. If the environment is not wide, accidents will simply happen.

4. Ventilation is also a problem that we need to pay attention to when we install large-scale vegetable cutters. Adhering to ventilation can effectively reduce the temperature of the working space and keep the vegetables fresh.

The protection of large-scale vegetable slicing machines is also a very important thing.

    1. If we don't use the large vegetable cutter for a long time, we should place it in a boring and ventilated place.

    2. we must clean the equipment after every use to ensure that there is no food residue inside.

    3. Grease the key parts and screws of the large vegetable cutter regularly, and because of its particularity, we should use olive oil for smoothing.

4. Check the key parts of the equipment regularly, and do the relevant protection work.

If we can do this, then we can well ensure the use of the large fruit and vegetable slicer, and its service life can also be usefully extended.


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