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The basic principle of industrial frozen meat grinder

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Working principle of industrial frozen meat grinder

When working, first turn on the machine and then release the material. Due to the gravity of the material and the rotation of the screw feeder, the objects are continuously sent to the cutter blade for cutting. Because the screw pitch of the screw feeder should be smaller than the front, but the diameter of the screw shaft is larger than the front, which produces a certain squeezing force on the material. This force forces the minced meat to be discharged from the holes in the grid .

When it is used in the production of canned lunch meat, fat meat needs to be coarsely ground and lean meat needs to be finely ground. There are several kinds of perforations in the grid, usually for the diameter of 8-10 mm for coarse stranding and 3-5 mm for fine stranding. The grids of coarse and fine strands are 10-12 mm in thickness. Due to the large diameter of the coarse stranding and easy discharge, the speed of the screw feeder can be faster than that of the fine stranding, but the maximum does not exceed 400 rpm. Generally 200-400 rpm. Because the total area of the holes in the grid plate is fixed, that is, the discharge amount is fixed, when the feed screw speed is too fast, the material is blocked near the cutter, causing a sudden increase in load and adversely affecting the motor.

The edge of the reamer is installed along the transfer of the cutter. The reamer is made of tool steel with sharp edges. After a period of use, the blade becomes dull. At this time, the new blade should be replaced or re-grinded. Otherwise, the cutting efficiency will be affected, and even some materials will not be discharged after shredding, but by After being extruded and ground, it is discharged into a slurry, which directly affects the quality of the finished product. According to the research of some factories, the quality accident of the serious precipitation of fat in canned luncheon meat is often related to this reason. After assembling or replacing the reamer, the tightening nut must be tightened to ensure that the grid does not move. Otherwise, the relative movement between the grid movement and the reamer rotation will also cause the effect of refining the material. The reamer must be in close contact with the grid, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency. The screw feeder rotates in the wall of the machine. It is necessary to prevent the appearance of the screw from touching the wall of the machine. If it touches slightly, the machine will be damaged immediately. However, the gap between them cannot be too large, which will affect the feeding efficiency and squeezing force, and even cause the material to flow backward from the gap, so the processing and installation requirements of this part are relatively high.

The above is the principle of the meat grinder.


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