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Talking about Tortilla Making Machine

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tortilla machine

Stabake distributes high-quality tortilla machine as well as corn grinders, slicers and other restaurant equipment related to tortillas, pancakes, kebabs, flour tortillas, flatbreads, for all types of food service operations.

For centuries, Mexicans have been enjoying the rich flavor and nutritional benefits of fresh tortillas. Tortillas are the basis of many Mexican dishes such as tortillas, tacos, potato chips, patties, tortillas and tortillas. Although Mexican cuisine is still the staple food of Mexico, the growing popularity of Mexican cuisine in North America, Europe and Asia has made tortillas the most popular food in the world.

Tortillas have become a truly international food, and the Stabake tortilla machine serves international customers. In addition to becoming a major tortilla manufacturer supplier in Mexico and the United States, we have more and more satisfied customers in Canada, Peru, United Kingdom, Kenya, Israel, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand, Sweden , India, Argentina, Honduras, El Salvador and Colombia.

Stabake is committed to helping your business meet the growing demand for fresh tortilla products. Regardless of the size of your business, operating a tortilla business, a restaurant, a supermarket or a high-yield tortilla factory, you can provide your customers with delicious, freshly baked corn or flour tortilla equipment. Stabake's tortilla equipment is reasonably priced, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.

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