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Take you to understand the maintenance of Bone saw machine

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bone saw machine

As a kind of mechanical equipment, the price of Bone saw machine is not cheap, so it is very important to do regular maintenance work on it. For novices, it is not difficult to maintain the bone sawing machine, the main cost is persistence!

The design of the Bone saw machine uses all stainless steel as the body of the equipment, so the surface cleaning is very simple and convenient, basically just use a rag. Generally speaking, maintenance mainly includes the following points:

1. After the equipment finishes its work every day, the user needs to shut down and cut off the equipment power in time.

2. After use, clean and maintain the equipment in time.

3. When you are cleaning or replacing knives, you need to shut down and then cut off the power of this equipment.

4. Carry out a careful inspection of the Bone saw machine every month to avoid unnecessary trouble.

So with regard to the maintenance of the bone saw, it is more than enough to do this to extend the service life of the bone saw


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