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Selection of fryer

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Using the  fryer can improve the quality and taste of fried food, and the fried food produced by the vacuum fryer is full of color, fragrance and taste, so how can we choose a suitable fryer for ourselves? Let's make it up for you to analyze.

1. First of all, consider your actual situation and choose according to your own economic ability. Don't blindly pursue your fried machine or multi-functional fried machine. It's useless and wasteful to buy it back.

2. Choose according to the production of fryers. If you don't sell a lot of fryers every day, you can choose the ones with small production. If you plan to do wholesale or retail sales, you can choose the ones with large production.

3. According to their own sales positioning of fried food, choose the fryer, if the main business is fruits and vegetables, then choose the fryer focusing on fruits and vegetables, if specializing in meat, then choose the fryer focusing on meat.

The use effect of different quality and type of fryers is different. When you choose the fryer equipment, you should consider it according to your own actual situation. The above points can be used for your reference.

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