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Selection criteria for fruit and vegetable cleaning lines

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       The emergence of the fruit and vegetable cleaning line was immediately sought after by the majority of people. Nowadays, people live fast, and few people wash vegetables very carefully, and now there are a lot of pesticide residues on vegetables. After simple cleaning, they are not very relieved. , So the fruit and vegetable cleaning line was quickly recognized by the market.

The fruit and vegetable washing line is related to the washing water mode and the product requirements of the vegetables after washing. Vegetable types, dirt levels, and product requirements for vegetables after cleaning directly affect the amount of water consumption. The waste of water resources in the industrial vegetable cleaning production process of fruit and vegetable cleaning lines is a problem that deserves attention. Vegetable cleaning water consumption is closely related to the type of vegetable, the degree of soiling, and the cleaning process. The use of different cleaning processes and cleaning modes may change the water consumption. This is also a fruit and vegetable cleaning line that can be used to reduce water consumption during vegetable cleaning.

       With the continuous advancement of society and the continuous improvement of life, we have also put forward higher requirements for life. Vegetables are all necessary for us to eat. Although organic vegetables are grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, there is no need to worry about pesticide residues. , But the eggs and parasites attached to the surface still need to be cleaned. When cleaning organic vegetables, rinse the vegetables one by one under the faucet, and rub them lightly with your hands. If it is a thicker vegetable, such as kale, you can use an old toothbrush to gently scrub it. If you add a few drops of white vinegar to the water, and then soak the vegetables in the water, you can easily remove the hidden insects in the vegetables. The following is the introduction of fruit and vegetable cleaning line manufacturers.

       1. When choosing a fruit and vegetable cleaning assembly line, we must clarify our production needs or capital budget, whether we are going to choose a dedicated fruit and vegetable cleaning assembly line (such as potato washing machine, navel orange washing and drying machine, red dates washing and drying assembly line, ginger washing assembly line) or Choose the general type, and gradually expand in the later period. There will be a big gap in the price of different models of fruit and vegetable cleaning lines.

2. Check whether the material of the fruit and vegetable cleaning line is made of stainless steel. Only equipment that meets the national food application standards can be put into use. Otherwise, once food quality problems occur during use, the consequences will be disastrous.

3. the selected fruit and vegetable cleaning line must be efficient and can integrate cleaning, washing, spraying and other functions. Such equipment can save a lot of labor costs during use.

  4. the optional fruit and vegetable cleaning assembly line can be set at any time according to different types of vegetables during operation, which is convenient for users to operate and use.

In summary, when purchasing fruit and vegetable cleaning line, companies must choose according to their actual needs, and must not make blind choices.

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