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Purpose of washing vegetables with vegetable washing machine

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The vegetable cleaning machine is used to clean vegetables and fruits. The entire sterilization and detoxification cleaning process can be monitored throughout the process. Therefore, many families began to use this machine to clean fruits and vegetables. So, what is the purpose of cleaning fruits and vegetables with this machine? What effect can it achieve?

1. Removal of sediment and impurities: During the process of growth, maturity, picking, storage, and transportation of vegetables, it takes a long time and many processes to inevitably be contaminated with foreign substances such as sediment and impurities, especially potatoes and sweet potatoes from underground Such fruits will inevitably adhere to the soil. These soils and impurities will have a very adverse effect on the processing of vegetables, so we need to use a vegetable washing machine to wash away these sediments and impurities.

2. Removal of pesticides and microorganisms: In order to control pests and diseases, we often spray some pesticides on vegetables. The presence of these pesticides will be harmful to human health. In addition, the surface of vegetables will be more or less contaminated with various microorganisms. These microorganisms may be It is harmful to vegetable raw materials and human health, so it needs to be removed with a washing machine.

The vegetable washing machine uses ozone to complete the cleaning and sterilization of vegetables. Ozone water has a strong sterilization, disinfection, and degradation of pesticides. Therefore, it can effectively remove magazines, sediments, pesticides, and microorganisms in vegetables to avoid unhygienic. Vegetables endanger our health and safety.

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