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Production advantages of tortilla machine

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tortilla machine

1. How long should fresh tortillas keep warm?

We tested it by putting 500 tortillas in the freezer. The results of the previous 100 tortilla measurements.

The initial temperature was recorded at 144 degrees Fahrenheit.

One hour later, the temperature was 130 degrees.

After two hours, measure the range at 112 degrees.

Three hours later, the measurement amplitude was 103 degrees.

Four hours later, the final measurement was recorded as 95 degrees.

2. Production advantage

The production advantage the Stabake tortilla machine brings to your restaurant will be noticed almost immediately.

The machine's versatility, durability and economy will increase your production capacity, while reducing product costs through standardized output and reduced labor costs.

3. Variable production settings

Whether you need 100 or 1,800 single tortillas, Stabake can enable your kitchen operators to produce delicious tortillas immediately, making your customers crave more.

If you want to increase the production advantages of the Stabake tortilla machine in your operation, please contact us immediately for more information.

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