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Product features of vegetable washing machine

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Product features of vegetable washing machine

1. With active oxygen components, thoroughly remove pesticide residues;

2. Fashion technology, global appreciation, innovative vegetable washing concept, environmental protection and health;

3. Authoritative inspection, CQC certification, ten patent certificates with assured guarantee, automatic timing washing and disinfection, all-round, multi-angle, thorough cleaning of vegetables and fruits;

4. The inner barrel adopts a unique patented technology structure, which can strongly drive the movement of water, and at the same time, the surface friction of the inner barrel is small, which can protect fruits and vegetables, and wash cleanly without damaging the skin of fruits and vegetables;

5. Fruit and vegetable disinfection and cleaning machine. Centrifugal cleaning of vegetables and fruits. The double-layer structure allows the automatic separation of fruits and vegetables from residues;

6. You only need to rotate the timer to adjust the cleaning time, and the vegetable washing machine will use the triple effects of vortex spray water flow impact cleaning and active oxygen oxidation decomposition.It will automatically complete vegetable washing and sterilization, disinfection, and degradation of pesticides within 8 minutes. Liberate the body and mind and hands, and truly protect the health of the family;

7. Economical and affordable, it only costs 4 cents for cleaning at a time, no detergent is needed, and it does not hurt your hands;

8. Water and electricity saving, efficient disinfection and no pollution, green and environmental protection, good health;

9. Transparent window, visual monitoring of the entire sterilization and detoxification cleaning process, safe and secure;

10. The washing basket can be moved at will for easy removal, and the vortex spray type water flow impact cleaning is used to ensure that vegetables and fruits are not damaged by heavy machinery.

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