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Pigskin machine equipment is more suitable for some places

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 Now many bosses have taken a fancy to the pigskin business and have built many pigskin processing factories to process pigskins. The pigskins purchased from the market have not been refined. There is a thick layer of lard on the pigskins to be processed. At this time, a professional Pork Skinner machine is needed!


Dimensions: 815X710X880mm

Peeling width: 500mm

Adjustable thickness: 0.5-6mm

Processing capacity: 18m/min

Voltage: 220V380V

Power: 750W

Net weight: 135Kg

  The main function of the  Pork Skinner machine remover is to remove the pig skin from the pork, separate the pork from the pig skin, and let the bosses process them into products for sale. In this way, the value of the pork is increased and the pig skin can be made into a favorite for northerners. The snacks of pig skin jelly can also be processed into skin care products for sale. The benefits are very good! Therefore, the pigskin peeling machine is very suitable for use in the site of a pork processing plant, which can save troublesome manual cutting. The pigskin and pork processed by the pigskin peeling machine have a flat appearance and will not affect the sale!

  The Pork Skinner machine is now popular among consumers in the food machinery market. It can save a lot of labor costs for pork processing plants. The price is low. It is really a good machine for the bosses who do pigskin business!

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